Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pesticide Certification Training Program in Spanish

Many of the employees in the Green Industry are Latino and often are called upon to apply pesticides or work in areas that are sprayed with pesticides. We are in the planning stages of developing a training program in Spanish to help these individuals increase their knowledge of issue related to pesticide use.

Program Description:

The Pesticide Certification Training Program in Spanish is designed to help Hispanic agricultural workers to enhance pesticide knowledge by exposing participants to a very interactive teaching environment. The teaching methodology and training material used will benefit individuals with different educational backgrounds and pesticide application experience.

Program Goals:

1. To reduce pesticide exposure in workers and applicators.

2. To protect natural resources and reduce environmental contamination.

3. To help with pesticide regulation compliance requirements by increasing pesticide license certification and reducing violations and fines imposed by state agency pesticide regulators.

4. To contribute with the economic well being of Hispanic pesticide applicators by helping them to qualify for better job opportunities that require pesticide certification.

Training Programs Proposed:

General standard, private applicator, limited commercial certification landscape maintenance, and ornamental turf.

Please contact either Amanda Stone or Cliff Ruth using our e-mail addresses or fax numbers with the approximate number of participants that you would be interested in sending to this class.

For more information contact your local Cooperative Extension Center and ask for the Commercial Horticulture Agent.