Friday, November 21, 2008

Eligibility for 2009 Disaster Assistance Programs

This news release in from Kelly Springs at the Henderson County FSA office:
For the following disaster programs, Pub. L. 110-398 authorizes a waiver that allows producers to pay a buy-in fee no later than January 12, 2009 for crops having a sales closing date before August 14, 2008, and for which crop insurance was not purchased:

• Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments (SURE) Program
• Tree Assistance Program (TAP)

• Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honey Bees, and Farm-Raised Fish (ELAP).

Producers must “buy-in” for all insurable crops that have a sales closing date before August 14, 2008, and are not already covered by crop insurance.

Producers must visit their administrative county to pay the appropriate buy-in fees and complete CCC-752. Fees must be received or postmarked by no later than January 12, 2009.

The buy-in fee for CAT is $100 per crop, but not more than either of the following:
• $300 per producer per administrative county
• $900 total per producer for all counties.

Call the FSA office at (828) 693-1406, ext. 2 to get more information.

For more information contact your local Cooperative Extension Center and ask for the Commercial Horticulture Agent.