Monday, May 19, 2014

Job Opening

Carolina Native Nursery: Nursery Manager

Carolina Native Nursery, in the mountains of western N.C., is an industry leader in the production and sales of regionally native shrubs throughout the eastern U.S. Due to our growth and expansion; we are currently searching for the right individual to join our team. We are a dynamic, progressive, and innovative organization and will maintain that mindset as we continue our mission of growing beautiful, garden center quality native plants for our expanding clientele. You will have the opportunity to take the knowledge you have and couple that with what we know from growing these plants for over a decade to make us a better nursery.

Overall review of responsibilities:

Our Nursery manager will determine optimal growing conditions for native plants. Taking into account the sun each area receives, slopes in the landscape, soil type, drainage, and other factors that affect plant growth, you will help decide which plants to grow and how many of each plant are necessary for business operations.  Be an integral part of the calculations based on projected sales or current orders. This includes setting budgets, ordering supplies, and ensuring proper working conditions of equipment.
Decisions about when to plant, fertilize, harvest, and sell could be the responsibility of nursery manager. Because weather conditions greatly affect the success of plant growth, the nursery manager must carefully monitor weather patterns and take proper precautions to ensure the plants are not distressed by unfavorable weather conditions. They examine plants for diseases, insects, wildlife damage, and weeds to protect the health of the plants.
Nursery manager will recruit, hire, train, oversee, and terminate employees of the nursery. They provide new employees with proper gardening equipment and teach correct techniques and procedures for plant care. The nursery manager delegates job duties and ensures that employees do their jobs properly. The nursery manager might also schedule work hours and handle payroll. Nursery managers are responsible for establishing a safe working environment by creating and implementing safety policies that adhere to legal standards.
In other words:
Nursery  Management
  • Continue with overall nursery design and implementation
  • Development of nursery budget
  • System for maintenance of facility and equipment
  • Continue to develop plant list

·      Research into liner, seed, cutting, and other propagation materials
·      Continue and maintain established propagation program
·      Manage propagation facilities

  • Supervise all growing facilities and employees
  • Manage all fertility, insect, disease, pruning, watering, and other concerns for optimum growth rates
  • Develop written systems to insure top quality plant material

  • Hiring and management of all field staff

Send all resume's to Bill Jones
Carolina Native Nursery

For more information contact your local Cooperative Extension Center and ask for the Commercial Horticulture Agent.