Monday, June 14, 2010

Pest News for June 14th

The weekly edition of NC Pest News has been posted.

In addition this week we have gotten word that the insecticide Endosulfan (active ingredient in Thionex) has been terminated: "EPA has concluded that endosulfan poses unacceptable risks to agricultural workers and wildlife, and can persist in the environment. New data generated in response to the agency’s 2002 decision have shown that risks faced by workers are greater than previously known. EPA also finds that there are risks above the agency’s level of concern to aquatic and terrestrial wildlife, as well as to birds and mammals that consume aquatic prey which have ingested endosulfan. Farmworkers can be exposed to endosulfan through inhalation and contact with the skin."

For more information contact your local Cooperative Extension Center and ask for the Commercial Horticulture Agent.